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The financial development and sustainability of all-size enterprises depends on a multitude of factors, which is the definition, implementation and evaluation of consistent financial plan and a good management of the enterprise. Beside, above this volatile capital space of the world, decision of right investment point is very critical and without detailed feasibility studies and market research it is much risky. Thus ANKEY Consulting offers a large range of services for the enterprises;


o    Financial Management

  • Financial analysis and other financial indicators for clients, sensitivity analyses, financial management policy and credit/investment management tools.

o    Feasibility Studies

  • Involving a detailed analysis of the market, economic evaluations of the underlying business environment, financial and other projections that form the basis of investment requirements.

o    Market  Research and Public Surveys

  • Support is provided in the development of marketing strategies, and with the associated market research and survey work conducted on geograc and/or product basis.
  • Including opinion polls, media programs, attitude and other technical surveys.