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Being one of the key sectors of the world, agricultural sector’s importance has been growing every day especially for developing countries considering the declining production, risk of famine, destruction of many agricultural fields, unsustainable environment etc. 
ANKEY Consulting offers a wide and comprehensive range of services in the field agriculture as;  


o    Sectoral Planning and Policy Development,

  • Development of sectoral policies, identification of focus sectors and consulting to related organizations on schemes for efficiency and effectiveness, fertility measures, the rationalization of activities, improved resource utilization and cost reduction programs.

o    Program Management,

  • Program and project management services for agricultural development and for clients and international agencies in this sector include project planning, appraisal, coordination, control and execution of defined tasks; and development of project implementation and monitoring procedures.
  • Assessment of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, internal and external cohnce and integrity of programme strategy and objectives,

o    Professional Organizations and Organization Models,  

  • Strategy and policy advice to relevant stakeholders for a better organization in the agriculture sector,
  • Encouragement of farmers and farmer cooperatives and provision of technical assistance to professional organizations in the development of agricultural projects and in the finance support from international donors to these projects.
  • SWOT analysis
  • Assessment of expected impacts
  • Assessment of proposed implementation procedures, including monitoring, IT system, evaluation and quality management control and other specific procedures of the Managing Authority

o    Food and Food Security Services,

  • Policy Advice and Strategic Planning
  • Assessment of food production, acity and potential (crops and livestock)
  • Assessment and restructuring of strategic food reserves and intervention bodies
  • Creation and setting up of credit structures to finance food security related production and associated services

o    Agro-industry and Marketing Services,

  • Technical advice on production, marketing, promotion and market penetration.
  • Institutional strengthening and capacity building
  • Human Resource Management, Financial Management and Business Management
  • Business incubators for the support of SMEs
  • Business planning, Investment appraisals & feasibility studies
  • Market research, identification and promotion in emerging markets
  • Promotion of export and fostering of trade relations
  • Establishment of Producers Organizations and Cooperatives
  • Establishment of busis development funds and management of grant schemes
  • Training in loan application analysis and evaluation

o    Husbandry Services,

  • Policy Advice and Legislation
  • Institutional strengthening and capacity building
  • Animal breeding
  • Animal Identification and Registration
  • Food safety, Hygiene and consumer protection
  • Producers Organization and Cooperatives
  • Rangeland management
  • Strengthening of Veterinary and Livestock Services
  • Strengthening of Veterinary Border Inspection Posts (BIPs)
  • Dairy and meat processing
  • Training

o    Crop and Corn Services

  • Policy advice and Strategic Planning,
  • Institutional strengthening and capacity building,
  • Fisheries legislation
  • Rurces Assessment,
  • Monitoring control and surveillance of fisheries

o    Forestry Services

  • Forestry Inventory and management
  • Forest assessment and monitoring
  • Territorial Marketing Plans
  • Information and communication
  • Training,

o    Fishery Services

  • Policy advice and Strategic Planning,
  • Institutional strengthening and capacity building,
  • Fisheries legislation
  • Resources Assessment,
  • Monitoring control and surveillance of fisheries
  • Fish hygiene and sanitary controls
  • Aquaculture
  • Fish processing
  • Common Market Organisation (COM)
  • Training