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Communication and Media


The transport infrastructures have become an important indicator of the economic space. This is why many developed and developing countries and also some enterprises invest and fund a great many sectoral transport programmes, which fall within the strategies defined and leaded by the national authorities, defining the desired balance between the different modes of transport, the respective roles of the public and private sectors, and the funding principles of transport infrastructure investments and operating costs.

ANKEY Connsulting’s services in this field reflect a large variety of extensions which respond the demands from different client.

1.1- Railways


o    Infrastructure planning

  • Services in this field covers  needs assessment analysis, feasibility studies, , technical and economic studies, tender documents, infrastructure opportunity studies, modeling, traffic forecasts, travel surveys, environmental studies, impact studies, integration studies and design of transport hubs.

o    Project Management and Control

  • Overall project organization
  • Local project controlling
  • Financial coordination
  • Documentation

o    Survey and Studies
We offer investigations, analyses, expert reports and concepts for

  • ineering
  • Technology
  • Economic viability
  • Environmental compatibility

o    Restructuring and Capacity Building in Rail Sector

  • Role and organization of the ministries in charge of railways.
  • Support for the institutional capacity building of railways regulatory agencies.
  • Development and implementation of training programmes intended for all the actors of the railway sector, both public and private.

o    Railway Safety and Interoperability

  • Risk analysis, safety reports, emergency procedures

o    Education and Trainings

  • Provision of further training to technical staff at the maintenance workshops of railways and underground systems.
  • Strategic advisory,  on the basis of exceptional know-how, toe development and training of management.

1.2- Highways


o    Project Control and Management

  • Overall project organization
  • Local project controlling
  • Financial coordination
  • Documentation

o    Highways Management

  • Toll & Enforcement
    Toll Systems/ Congestion Charging / City Toll / License Plate Recognition        
  • Tunnel Management
    Acustic, Electric and Control Systems / Security Equipment / Tunnel Traffic Management Dangerous Good Transport Recognition
  • Aqua & Aeronautic Management
    Harbour and Airport Traffic & Logistic Management Systems
  • Info Mobility Management
    Interal Traffic Information Systems/ T.I. Centers / Handy,- Navi,- Internet,- digital Broadcasting Services (DVB, DMB) - Services for B2A /B2B /B2C
  • Environmental Traffic
    Road and Rail Traffic Environmental Protection Systems (Noise and Pollution)

1.3 Transport Planning and Management


o    Transportation Planning and Management

  • Transport censuses
  • Traffic forecasts
  • Analysis of potential
  • Service concepts

o    Traffic Planning and Management

  • Telematics & Traffic Management
  • Traffic Control Systems for Road and Rail/ Intermodal Traffic Control Centers/  T.C.Data-Equipment/ Corridor Management/ Intersection Control, Line Control, Ramp-Metering for Roads eg.
  • Parking Managemenli>
  • Park Guidance Systems/ Park Control Systems/ Ticketing/ Lightning/ Signals & Barriers
  • Public Transport Management:
  • Transport Management Systems for Roads and Rail/ Public Lightning/ Street &Traffic Lights/ Safety Equipment/ Speed & Redlight Enforcement
  • Environmental Traffic: Road and Rail Traffic Environmental Protection Systems (Noise and Pollution)