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Communication and Media

Communication and Media

The rapid development of information and communications technology is confronting the ICT industry with enormous challenges. The solution is lies in a strong brand, intelligent innovation management, and holistic knowledge of strategy and technology.

ANKEY Consulting makes use of its detailed knowledge of the innovation fields, the technologies, and the market and competition drivers on the ICT market, including the limiting regulatory conditions and industry-specific market research with early client involvement, identify new business models and product and process innovations ANKEY Consulting’s services in  fields of communication systems, informatics teologies and media reflects a large variety of extensions which respond the demands from different client.


  • Information Technology Strategies,
  • ICT Cost Efficiency and Infrastructure Consolidation
  • Strategic advisor to state organization and enterprises for ICT-Enabled High Performance
  • System Design and Development,
  • Project Management,
  • E-Trade,
  • E-Government