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Public Reform and Policy
Institutional Capacity Development
Good Governance
Local Regional Administration and Municipal Reform

Local Regional Administration and Municipal Reform

Along the decentralization of central state’s mechanism process, the importance of local/regional administration reform has been growing everyday. The financial mechanisms, management models, legal responsibilities of the many local authorities have been seriously changing related this reform process. Therefore, ANKEY Consulting offers a variety of complex services in this respect as follows;

o    Municipal Management and Capacity Building

  • Developing and analyzing municipal policies and plans in the light of service needs and financial means, and reviewing investment projects and annual budget proposals.     
  • Assistance in decentralization process and strengthening of local and municipal authorities, Local Initiatives Programs.
  • Networking and linking municipalities with the local,  national and international counterparts

o    Local / Regional Administration Reform

  • Development Planning,
  • Technical advisory in the establishment of Regional Development Agencies and their functioning between local stakeholders including provincial administration, local publicencies, service unions,  professional organizations, NGOs and academia
  • Implementation of overall budget reforms: introduction of programme budgets, revision of nomenclatures, development of medium term expenditure frameworks / public finance frameworks, revision of budget preparation procedures, etc.