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Public Reform and Policy
Institutional Capacity Development
Good Governance
Local Regional Administration and Municipal Reform

Institutional Capacity Development

Strengthening the institutional capacity and quality of service provided by public bodies is one of the important objectives of the modern states therefore the capacity building and institutional restructuring of the public institutions including necessary human resources trainings and IT strategies is one key areas of ANKEY Consulting. These services are mainly;


o    Institutional Restructuring and Capacity Building

  • Institutional Development

    Ø    Services are provided to organizations on schemes for efficiency and effectiveness, improvement, re-engineering, the rationalization of activities, improved resource utilization cost reduction programs.

    Ø    Consulting to both private and public sector organizations on the development of strategic and corporate plans.

    Ø    Legislation development and legal support for re-structuring and re-alignment of the institutions and/or for new legislative frameworks are also provided.
  • Organizational Development
    Assist organizations in coping with and adapting to changes in their environments by provision of consulting support for renewal and transition.
  • Trainings
    Provision of customized training services in the fields of Organization, Institutional Management, Project   Planning and Management, Production Management, Financial Management, Personnel Management, Capital Markets, Training of Trainers etc. for both public and private sector and to the local administrations.
  • IT Strategies and Management Information Systems
    Support to organizations with the development of IT strategy, systems’ efficiency reviews, project planning and control, software applications.