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Business Development and Sectoral Meetings in Vienna-Ankara 2008-2009

Country : Turkey

Date : May 2008 – Nov 2009

Budget : 182.000  Euro

Description :  The aim of the project is to bring the public and private institutions and companies of Turkey and Austria in the sector of transport, energy, infrastructure and housing for identifying the possible cooperation areas and inform counterparts about dynamics of the sectors and compliance with EU Acquis.

Activities include:

·         Assisting the Vienna Municipality in organizing series of international meetings

·         Designing, developing and implementing a seminar program in transport, environment, mass housing, energy, municipal institutional development, public transport systems, urban development and infrastructure.

·         Organizing three international symposiums in Ankara in the fields of transportation, energy, infrastructure, environment, housing and municipal governance and institutional development.

·         Organizing several workshops

·         Organizing a public awareness raising campaign and study visits

·         Preparing the informatory documents and kits for the participants.

·         Logistics Coordination; Travel, hotel reservations, visa procedure etc.

·         Promoting the cooperation between Austria and Turkey

The majority of the participants are the responsible Turkish state authorities such as Ministries of Transport, Ministries of Energy, Ministries of Environment, Ministry of Interior, Undersecretaries of Foreign Trade and Undersecretaries of Customs, State Social Housing Authority, several Greater Municipalities etc and their Austrian counterparts.  Several local and Austrian private companies attended to these meetings. 

Services Provided:

·         Recommendations  on infrastructure and institutional development

·         Advices on institutional and legal frameworks about infrastructure including transportation, environment, energy in Turkey and their compliance with EU Acquis

·         Public awareness rising  promotion activities, press analysis and media cooperation

·         Networking in between the Austrian and Turkish stakeholders

·         Public Relations and Awareness rising of the local and international bodies.

·         Informing the Austrian companies and Public institutions about the new investments in transportation, PPP and BoT strategies, large scale IT/ICT projects and the EU and other International Funds

·         Developing coordination and partnership mechanisms between national and international public and private entities.

·         Exchange of the best experiences between Austria and Turkey

·         Advertisement, promotion facilities through certain communication tools

·         Drafting of information and promotion materials for participants

·         Logistics Coordination; Travel, hotel reservations, visa procedure etc.

·         Dissemination of the results to further business schemes