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Technical Assistance for the Public Awareness Campaign and Coordination of Eartagging&Vaccinations Operations

Country : Turkey

Date : March 2010 – March 2013

Budget : 5.000.000 Euro

Description :  The aim of the project is to strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) through implementing I&R System to ensure traceability of ovine and caprine animals and to control PPR in order to ensure food safety. This will be realized through the coordination of the nation wide ear tagging and vaccination campaign of 65 million sheep and goats by laying down the infrastructure of the veterinary services where official veterinarians and private practitioners will be involved in to collaborate for this programme and organizing an information campaign in order to increase the public awareness through workshops, trainings and publication of campaign materials. 

Activities include:

-          Consultation of the TA Team for the preparation of need analysis of the operations and costs

-          Monitoring and Evaluation of disease situation and socio-economic impact of it at regional and national level; preparation of ear tagging and vaccination programme.

-          Preparation of working plan, needs analysis and organization of trainings and seminars including 81 provinces.

-          Organization of field visits in order to increase the awareness, evaluate current situation and measure the effectiveness of campaigns

-          Assisting Directorate General for Protection and Control department of MARA for the ear tagging operation of 65 million animals; registration of them into a database system that will be developed by a separate contract.

-          Renting of 844 cars in order to ease the ear tagging and vaccination operations

-          Organization of 4 Awareness rising PR campaigns; production of printed informative materials (brochures, posters, leaflets), preparation of training materials, organizing public awareness events (seminars, meetings, workshops, etc.), design of campaign logos, production of spot films, development of a website of the project including preparation of the content, advertisements on the newspapers, news on TVs.

-          Development of a communication strategy in accordance with the needs of priority audiences within the framework of Focus Group Survey Results that promotes I&R of ovine and caprine animals, promote vaccination and understanding of disease.

Developing a national strategic plan for the control and eradication of PPR, drafting PPR regulation and ensure their compliance with the EU regulations. 

Services Provided:

ANKEY  will provide the following services:

·         Agreement signing with the relevant organizations in Turkey

·         Provision of experts, conducting networking activities/ building relations with the management authority, NGOs etc.

·         Organization of 4 public awareness campaigns

·         Organization of workshops and study visits

·         Drafting of information and promotion materials for participants