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Enlargement of the European Turkish Business Centres Network to Sivas, Antakya, Batman and Van

Country : Turkey

Date : August 2011 – Ongoing

Budget : 7.500.000 Euro

Description : The aim of the project is to increase the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

in Turkey by supporting and assisting their general business operations and processes. The project envisages the establishment of equipped, oriented, staffed and sustainable, 2 medium-scale and 2 small-scale business centres (BCs) in selected regional competitiveness operational programme provinces.

The technical assistance team (TAT) will be responsible for establishment of 4 BCs, providing consultancy service to SMEs, organising training start-up and/or entrepreneurship programmes (including women entrepreneurs), implementation of SME development projects, preferably in the priority sectors of the regions and developing institutional and financial sustainability models for BCs.

The TAT will also identify the local needs of the provinces in terms of competitiveness, support local chambers for designing special windows projects in line with the identified needs of each region, identify the equipment needs for these specific projects and help to prepare tender dossiers for the selected equipment.

Activities include:

·         Inception Phase Activity

·         Institutional Capacity Building

·         Technical Assistance to Business Centres

·         Consultancy Services

·         Training

·         Start up / Entrepreneurship Services

·         Clustering

Services Provided:

ANKEY  will provide the following services:

·         Agreement signing with the relevant organizations in Turkey

·         Provision of experts, conducting networking activities/ building relations with the management authority, NGOs etc.

·         Organization of public awareness campaigns

·         Organization of workshops and study visits

            ·         Drafting of information and promotion materials for participants