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ANKEY Staff and Working Teams
ANKEY International
Our Values and Principles
Partners and Clients
Pool of experts

ANKEY International

ANKEY is a highly international company in terms of its clients, its partners, the nationalities of its experts, its staff and its presence in numerous countries.

ANKEY's clients
Since its creation, ANKEY Consulting has carried out several assignments in different countries from European Union, Balkan and Central Asian countries across the world, for governments, administrations, public bodies and companies, as well as the major multilateral and bilateral funding agencies.

ANKEY's experts
ANKEY's expert network is well established in all of target countries which consist of various nationalities, the vast majority of whom are technical specialists (engineers, agronomists, geologists, hydraulics engineers, economists, jurists, accountants, architects, educational specialists, project administrators, actuaries, specialists of transport, international trade, public finances, information systems, investment promotion, etc).

Many of these experts are from the countries where ANKEY operates and our connected international networks. They are often irreplaceable sources of knowledge concerning the business fields of us. They can also be called on to intervene in countries other than their own when they have the appropriate experience

ANKEY's partners
ANKEY facilitates its wide network of public, private, local and international partners to complement its expertise in order to fulfill oulients' expectations. Depending on the specific case, these partners include:

  • ·    administrations and public bodies of developed or emerging countries;
  • ·    universities and higher education and research institutions of these same countries;
  • ·    training and/or research centers of international bodies;
  • ·    other specialized European consulting companies;
  • ·    partner firms in the countries of intervention;

ANKEY's office staff
All of the ANKEY permanent team members speak, read and write fluently in English and German, and many also capable of additional ones. (Dutch, French, Russian, Spanish, etc.). They are specialized in finance, business administration, international affairs and EU, project management, urban and regional development ainfrastructure.